The family-owned and operated Century Plaza Hotel and Spa provides guests with a home-away-from-home ambience, in the very center of downtown Vancouver.

Absolute Spa Group is Canada’s largest and most luxurious spa chain, with 10 locations to date. Having received over 57 awards for spa excellence, including Business of the Year, Lisogar-Cocchia’s successful corporation has attracted many celebrity clients including Elle MacPherson, Gwyneth Paltrow, Michael Buble and Zac Effron.

C|Prime is a modern and sophisticated approach to authentic Italian cuisine. C|Prime delivers incredible food and a fashionable atmosphere, all while taking guests on a bold flavour journey through upscale Italy, while incorporating hints of New York City.

We pride ourselves on our connection to the cities finest musicians, engineers, producers, industry business men and women. Our studio is facilitated to the specifics of music industry veterans and is able to handle any audio/sound project, large or small. Whether it is the next hit rock band or original music compositions for major motion pictures, we can accommodate your needs.

Soluzione Spa Products is an international product distribution company. Located in Vancouver British Columbia we have been successfully supplying to and supporting spas around the world since 1999.

At Soluzione we are constantly looking for new innovative products to continue bringing our clients the best products available in the spa industry today.

We also do our very best to insure the products lines are as natural as possible. We are firm believers in ‘going green’ wherever possible.